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Apple back with iPad mini is a feast for its fans

Apple in 2012 announced its first iPad mini with a motive behind to use regular iPad features in a smaller and cheaper way. The concept that the tech giant came up in 2012 made numerous fans and devotes of the device. But after a few years, Apple moved forward and stopped adding devices to its iPad mini-series that included small tablets. The decision by the company disappointed the fans of the mini-series as Apple started focusing on the bigger iPad instead. Many Apple users even switched to Apple’s “Plus” phones to get a similar experience until Apple pays some attention to its mini devices again.

A report says that after making everybody wait for almost three years, Apple is finally ready to deliver some good news with its mini iPad series. Apple is back with a bang and has launched its iPad mini at $399. Apple has launched the device with major tweaks, and the improvements in the iPad mini make it pleasurable to use.

Apple has made such changes in the device that the iPad mini has left behind the entry-level iPad category. The iPad now has much more than the convenience of carrying a small tablet.

If you too have waited for the mini iPad series, this is the time you can put your hands over the device and take a feel of the new mini world that Apple has created for the iPads in the era of big smartphones.

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