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Valve will ship its Index VR headset from June 15th

With Valve’s Index VR headset entering the market soon, you need not to wait until May to put your hands over the next-gen device. Recently, Valve posted some unfinished pages for the Index which has the information regarding its shipping date and a clearer look at the headset. The shipping date mentioned on the pages was June 15th, according to reports.

No detailed information was provided by Valve regarding the device. But there are reports that the device will be equipped with its own headphones. Besides this, users will also be given an option to purchase base stations and Knuckles motion controllers separately besides purchasing them in bundles.

To operate the Valve’s Index VR headset, users will require a powerful Windows PC so that they can experience the best results from the device. A dual-core processor is probably needed with hyperthreading. The PC must have at least 8GB of RAM and GPU of either Radeon RX480 or GeForce GTX 970 to achieve best results. However, users having a quad-core CPU and GTX 1070-class video will be exceptionally amazing.

The unfinished pages posted by Valve makes it clear that the cameras on the outside of the device will feature inside-out” tracking which is similar to the technology used in the Oculus Rift S and other recent headsets. This will out-rule the requirement of a base station to provide users with position detection feature.

Talking about the controller part, they are rather straightforward in terms of designs and are equipped with analog sticks and several buttons. Though Index design from outside does not seems revolutionary, it has capabilities from inside that makes it a next-gen VR headset. The index also shows Valve’s goals for VR and its skills as it is not dependent on a third party like HTC


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