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WhatsApp new feature to let users send 30 audio files at once

SAN FRANCISCO: The Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has recently introduced a new user interface to its “audio picker” tool. With the new user interface, users will now be able to share as much as 30 audio files with other users at once.

“WhatsApp has recently enabled the new ‘audio picker’ with the possibility to play the audio before sending it and to select more audio files to send,” a digital newspaper reported earlier this week.

A report says that before introducing the new feature, the WhatsApp users were allowed to send only one audio file at a time on a thread. The new feature will be installed in the application with the 2.19.89 beta update for the WhatsApp.

Until now, WhatsApp has been adding and testing numerous features that were unique over its messaging platform. The Facebook-owned company is introducing innovative changed to curb the fake news and misinformation that was hitting the platform from quite a while.

There have been reports that besides introducing the new features, WhatsApp is also working on the iPad support which is being tested for a while for features including Touch ID support, split-screen, and landscape mode.

Adding to the part that WhatsApp is working upon to curb the fake news and misinformation, WhatsApp is also testing “Forwarding Info” and “Frequently Forwarded Message” feature which will allow billions of its users to know the details regarding how many times a particular message has been forwarded before landing on their devices. This will help users determine which information is to be avoided for safety concerns.

WhatsApp is labeling forwarded messages as “Frequently Forwarded” message if they had been forwarded more than four times over the platform.

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