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Sony did not allow character transfers between platforms in Destiny 2

Though the industry is playing along with cross-play and cross-progression these days, there are still some games that do not allow character transfers. Amidst all this, Sony is not allowing character transfers in one of the games that the game developer Bungie has created.  Kotaku’s Jason Schreier shared the reports during his speech at a podcast.

A statement given by Jason Schreier confirmed that Sony wants its players to stay within the PlayStation zone rather than moving towards Microsoft’s platforms.

“I heard that Bungie wanted to do character transfers for PS4 and PC — before Destiny 2: Forsaken came out — but Sony wouldn’t allow it. Sony is just like, we want people to associate Destiny with PS4, even if that means screwing over other players. It sucks, and hopefully, Bungie ends it”.

Though Sony recently allowed cross-play on some titles including Fortnite, it is a clear hint that Sony may change its policies soon and will focus more on cross-play and cross-progression. Another reason that Sony will give up on its current plan of keeping PlayStation players to the boundaries is the next-gen console PlayStation 5 that Sony had been working upon and is scheduled to be launched in 2020.

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