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All Facebook Messenger app users can now use dark mode

Though Facebook introduced dark mode to the Messenger app earlier in 2018, the feature on the online messenger was only available to specific users in a few countries. But now in March 2019, Facebook has made the feature available to all the users across the globe, according to reports. Users can make the best use of the feature by just sending a message containing a crescent moon emoji, and the feature will be activated on your device.

With the new feature which Facebook is calling as dark mode, there will be no need of the moon to say goodnight as users can darken their chats by using the feature on the messenger app. All you need to do is tap the profile picture on the messenger app and reach the settings tab. After reaching the settings pane, just click on the toggle switch of the ‘dark mode’ and you are good to go.

A report says that the unique feature on the app is not only attractive but is also soothing for the eyes as the dark theme emits less light from the screen which will be good for users eyes at night. Besides this, the feature has also been designed to make sure that the devices consume less battery after messenger app is switched to the dark mode as the android device will take less power for the screen to display black.

Users who are finding it a bit difficult to locate the toggle switch can either update the messenger app or wait for a day or two as the feature will hit the Android and iOS devices starting from today.

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