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Sonos gets Alexa Support for Apple Music

Until now, Alexa-based voice commands were limited to Amazon’s own devices including Amazon Echo devices and others, but with latest updates, these features will also be used by the people who own either a Sonos One or a Sonos Beam in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland. The said devices owners can use Alexa with Sonos One or a Sonos Beam device to control Apple Music after adding the Apple Music skill to the Alexa app, according to reports.

Sonos took the news to Twitter and in of its posts over the social media platform wrote:

“In the US, UK, and Ireland, you can now use your voice to control @AppleMusic through your Sonos One, Beam, or Echo device. Just add the #AppleMusic skill in your Alexa app.”

There have been reports that the users who are willing to use Alexa to control Apple Music on Sonos will have first to update the Sonos app to the latest version and also have to enable the Apple Music skill in the separate Amazon Alexa app. Besides this, the users also have to link an Apple Music account to control the music app. After updating the app and enabling the features, users can then say commands like “Play My Chill Mix on Apple Music,” or “Play Beats 1 Radio on Apple Music.”

Though there have been no reports regarding whether the Alexa-enabled devices will receive other such updates to support Apple music in future, the feature is currently available for all Amazon Echo and Fire TV devices and now Sonos One and Sonos Beam have also made their entry.

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