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Microsoft to come up with Surface Hub 2S soon

There have been reports that Microsoft is bringing updates to the original Surface Hub. Today, the tech giant unveiled the new Surface Hub 2S in New York City and the company also announced a launch date for the product saying that the Surface Hub 2S is coming a year after Microsoft first teased surface Hub 2.

A recent report confirms that Surface Hub 2S will hit the US. markets somewhere in June. Following its launch in the U.S. the device will then roll over in other markets too, according to reports. These markets will be the ones where Microsoft launched the original Hub. Microsoft will sell its new Surface Hub 2S at $8,999 in the U.S.

Microsoft has announced the Surface Hub 2S along with two other mobility accessories which will be sold separately. The first mobility accessory that Microsoft announced is the rolling mount, while the second is an APC Charge Mobile Battery which will let Surface Hub 2S to be used without actually connecting it to a wall outlet.

Sources say that the new Surface Hub 2S will come equipped with a 50-inch screen that will have a 3:2 aspect ratio and a 4K+ Pixel Sense display. The report says that display will have a capacitive touch panel and will be compatible with Surface Hub 2 Pen. The screen will have an anti-glare coating too.

 Talking about the design part, the display will have narrow bezels, and the thickness of the device has been reduced to 60 percent compared to the original Surface Hub. The new Surface Hub 2S is also 40% lighter in comparison to the original Surface Hub.

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