Student sues Apple for $1 billion: Reports

On Monday, a college student filed a lawsuit against Apple. The student alleged the tech giant that its facial recognition software is completely bogus as it blamed the student for the crime which he never committed, according to reports.

On Monday, Ousmane Bah, 18, filed a lawsuit for $1 billion. He said that the facial recognition software that Apple has installed at their stores made a mistake and identified him for doing a criminal activity which involved a series of thefts at Apple stores, a report said.

Bah following the incident interacted with the news channels and reported that a court summoned him for the Apple products that were worth $1,200 and were stolen from an Apple Store in 2018. Bah in response to the verdict said that he was not behind the thefts and blamed Apple for the mistake.

Local sources say that the student who was blamed was at his senior prom when one of the thefts took place in the Apple Stores in Boston. Court documents also mentioned that Bah was behind the robberies that took place at Apple stores in New Jersey, Delaware, and Manhattan.

Bah told the court that the thief used his ID when he got caught after stealing Apple products. Bah said that he lost his ID sometime back and the thief presented his ID following which Apple programmed its face recognition system to recognize Bah’s face as the thief’s face.

“He [Bah] advanced through his freshman year of college experiencing constant anxiety and fear that at any moment he would be arrested again for a crime he did not commit,” the lawsuit reads, saying also that Bah’s life has been “deeply and negatively affected,” one of the leading news channels reported.

The news channels tried to reach Apple for comments, but the tech giant was not immediately available.


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