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Google Pixel 3 faces low sales figures: Reports

Following the low sales of Pixel 3, Google has admitted that there is fierce competition in the market for the device. Google recently shared that the smartphone is not able to perform well in the market as its predecessor did. Though Google did not mention the figures regarding how much units of Pixel 3 they were able to sell, we are quite sure that there is a big difference between the current generation smartphone sales as compared to the previous one.

Google Pixel 3 does not have specifications that will almost wow you. The smaller version of the smartphone has been priced at  $799, which is —$150 more than what Google kept the prices for Pixel 2 previous year.  On the other hand, larger Pixel 3 XL has been priced $50 more than what the tech giant priced the Pixel 2 XL. Though the company increased the prices of both the new models, it downgraded the smartphone from a metal back to the glass and is providing a RAM of only 4GB, which is the lowest in the market in premium smartphones.

Coming to the software part, Google has also made some software changes which has created a negative impact on the users including locking users into its half-baked gesture navigation system. Overall, the design of the Pixel 3 is not so attractive, and it is not worth the price it is coming for.

“On the hardware business, I think there are some concerns that it’s just not getting off to a really strong trajectory. [There are] some comparisons to Microsoft 10 years ago. Really, just help us understand how that hardware business is important to Google and how you’re thinking about it long term”, Alphabet and Google CFO Ruth Porat said.


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