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Apple will redesign the antenna structure in 2019 iPhones: Reports

Ming-Chi Kuo, TF International Securities analyst, in one his statements mentioned that Apple is modifying the antenna structure in its upcoming 2019 iPhones.

There have been reports that “Apple’s current iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR” uses liquid crystal polymer (LCP) antennas which are ultimately limiting the RF performance of the smartphones. The limitation in performance has been noticed in some cases due to production issues.

Local sources say, “upcoming iPhones in 2019 will have a single MPI and LCP unit up top and three MPI antenna assemblies near the bottom of the phone”. Such a change in the structure of the antenna will overall improve the performance of the iPhones. Also, the modification in the Antenna structure will also provide flexibility to supplier choice, according to sources.

Kuo, in one of his statements also added that Apple has to bear a 10-20 percent increase in cost year-over-year for the modifications that it will do in the antenna of its upcoming iPhones.

Though Apple is looking forward to modifying the antenna structure in the upcoming iPhones, this is just a temporary solution to the problem.

“The momentary adoption of MPI will buy manufacturers time to eliminate some of the production issues with LCP,” Kuo said.

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