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Tencent Holdings Unveils Overseas Video Streaming Service In Thailand


Tencent Holdings unveils overseas video streaming service in Thailand. Tencent is differentiating from its core Chinese gaming business, which has been assailed by administrative issues, driving revenue development to its slowest-ever in the first quarter.

Tencent’s current Thai user base made the nation a decent first focus for its push into Southeast Asia, said Jeff Han, Senior Vice President of Tencent Penguin Pictures, which produces unique content for the streaming industry.

In Thailand, Tencent Video will be called WeTV and highlight unique Chinese content from Tencent Penguin Pictures with Thai naming, and content made with nearby accomplices, Han said. He declined to remark how much the organization was contributing abroad.

Jeff Han said in a statement that, “This is the market we need to first enter to try to see whether an overseas launch could be a success for us, so we can continue the challenge. We have our priority markets… the Chinese-speaking markets, which will be more receptive to our offerings.”

WeTV adds to Tencent’s music streaming service JOOX and the mobile rendition of PUBG games in Thailand. Tencent’s video streaming memberships expanded 43 percent in the main quarter of 2019 on a yearly premise, adding to a development in digital content revenue, as indicated by its most recent outcomes.  Tencent Video in China guarantees more than 89 million endorsers and in excess of 200 million daily active users.


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