HMD Global Partners CGI, Google Cloud To Move Activation Data To Finland For Protection


HMD Global partners CGI, Google Cloud to move activation data to Finland for protection. The move would convey a superior user and gadget experience for Nokia smartphone users, by improving the speed and precision of gadget improvements conveyed to Nokia phones, the organization said in an announcement, that additional, “Nokia phones move data collection centre to Europe in a move that reinforces HMD Global’s commitment to data security.”

“Fans world-wide value our unique product promise; that every Nokia smartphone on Android One will receive regular security updates for 3 years, alongside OS upgrades for 2 years,” said Chief Product Officer, HMD Global, Juho Sarvikas. “We want every Nokia smartphone to stay fresh for longer and to ensure everyone can enjoy the latest innovations from Google, and so we strive to bring the latest OS upgrades from Android faster than any other manufacturer.”

The move agrees with the organization’s commitment to hold fast to all relevant European safety efforts and enactment, including EU information security guidelines like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). CGI has made framework between the back-end information gathering and phones with a productively constructed design and advanced cost plan.

“We want to remain open and transparent about how we collect and store device activation data and want to ensure people understand why and how it improves their phone experience,” Sarvikas added. “This change aims to further reinforce our promise to our fans for a pure, secure and up to date Android, with an emphasis on security and privacy through our data servers in Finland.”

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