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Hyundai To Sell 500 Units Of Hyundai Kona Electric Per Annum In India


Hyundai to sell 500 units of Hyundai Kona Electric per annum in India. The number probably won’t be much however thinking about that in FY2018-19 electric vehicle sale crossed the 7.50 lakh mark, the Kona electric’s future looks quite great in the nation.

The Kona electric is a compact crossover, like Hyundai Creta as far as size and space yet has a plan which isn’t excessively modern yet sharp enough to separate itself out and about. It’s enthusiastic about space within as well. To the extent execution figures go, India gets just the 39.2 kWh battery powered vehicle which puts out 131 bhp and 395 Nm of torque which is accessible right away.

The vehicle will accompany the compact charger as additionally the divider box charger which the organization will introduce for the proprietors. The organization likewise guarantees lower running expenses than the oil adaptation of the Creta and even says that its expense per kilometer in under a rupee.

Senior General Manager and Group Head Marketing at Hyundai Motor India Limited, Puneet Anand said, “In terms of the pricing strategy we are taking now a top-down approach wherein we are launching the product at a very niche segment but obviously to understand the consumer needs, desires, and what kind of you know, the usage the customer puts to the electric cars and once we understand that we will be looking forward to the mass launch of the EVs also come further.”


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